A.G. Matrix

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The Recorded Matrix Books


A. G. Matrix System 

The  A.G. Matrix System is divided into three parts, The system, style and teaching method.

1 The System: is the Matrix's curriculum requirements. The requirements from white belt to Grand Master levels. 

2 The Teaching Method  (A.G. Matrix Progressive System) , is the Teacher's guide, the "how it works" structure. 

3 The style (LimaLama) is the method of movement execution or the way we apply movements in a physical manner.   

The System, Style and Teaching Method objective is to develop each individual to his highest potential in "creative thinking" (his own

style of expression and composing self-defense movements). "Self-indivdualitey"  

 A self-defense system

The Matrix System is a complete and pure self-defense system. The system  contains five books illustrating 1,540 self-defense technique pattern movements. It is only available to Matrix's black belts.

The Six book contains the Matrix's methodology and operational system .

See youtube (ag matrix) for Matrix video's and testimonials for further information concerning the Matrix System.